Around the same time that I acquired my first DSLR camera, I also started questioning where I was going with my life and career. After graduating with a degree in engineering, I found myself headed for Asia to teach English. Initially just a hobby, photography grew into a way for my reserved self to interact with the world. What it has become for me is a sense of purpose that continues to pull me to corners of the world I would have never thought of visiting. It has forced me to reconsider opinions on the modern world, and to seek out answers on my own. It has become a part of me more than anything I have ever experienced. But most of all, it has given me a way to connect with the people, cultures, struggles, and joys that have shaped the world to what it is today.

My current interests are in stories that explore the intersection of historical places and traditions with modern times.

Feel free to reach out to me via social media, email, or the contact form below for inquiries.

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