After making my advancement towards a career in engineering, my degree left me with some uncertainty as to what kind of a life I wanted to pursue. In my earlier years of schooling, I acquired my first DSLR camera which, unbeknown to me, would later serve as an answer to the questions I had been asking myself.

What started off as just a hobby, became a bridge between myself and a world I had yet to explore. This began when seizing an opportunity to teach English in Southeast Asia, where I discovered photography and storytelling to be my source of purpose, as well as what continues to pull me towards lives lying in distant corners of the world. With this, my experiences have worked to reshape my understanding of these once-foreign lands, and have connected me to the people and cultures who have molded them into what they are now through years of struggle and triumph.

Currently, my focus as a photographer is to share the convergence of history and tradition, with their roles in contemporary society.

Feel free to reach out to me via social media, email, or the contact form below for inquiries.

josh @ joshbunzel dot com

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