In 2016 I completed a degree in Electrical Engineering at a small state school in Wisconsin, and then immediately threw it to the wind to go and serve with the Peace Corps in Indonesia. During my time there, my photography, initially just a hobby, shifted to documenting my experience and eventually highlighting issues there and the people involved. After leaving the program I have since sought work with non-profit and aid organizations to create work that will help promote their programs. I try to capture images that focus on the story of who the subject is rather than simply the suffering or crisis enduring. To show the viewer than anyone, including themselves, their family, or friends could be caught in the challenges my subjects are facing. I work closely with my clients, trying to create images that align with their goals and helps to promote them. I specialize in portraiture and journalistic type work that aims to tell stories that will pull the viewers into the image and the causes being forwarded by it.

Outside of professional photography, I enjoy pursuing personal photo projects, kayaking, rock climbing, and traveling I try to keep an element of adventure in both my personal and professional life.

I’m based in Milwaukee, WI but available to accept work anywhere. Feel free to reach out to me via social media, email, or the contact form below for inquiries


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