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For those of you who paid witness in any capacity to my first site, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to see that. My first iteration at a website was some attempt at blending an attempt to allude to who I am, and who I am. But probably most of all, it was quite neglected. I can definitely chalk it up to living in a place with little to no internet service and more than frequent black outs. In reality, though, it wasn’t a very good representation of who I was. Probably because, when I made that site, I didn’t really know who I was.

I had just graduated with a degree in electrical engineering before leaving to go live in Indonesia and work as an English teacher. Yes, it’s extremely cliche to say that I learned more than they did, but living in a religiously conservative culture, the person I was, was questioned and challenged regularly. I had to pick my battles and as a result, determined the things about me most important to me. The things about me, morals, beliefs, dreams, and desires, that were worth fighting for, the things that are so tightly intertwined with who I am, that without one, I wouldn’t be the same person. Making the cut was photography, newly discovered to be one of the most important things in my life. It has both complemented my introverted personality, and forced me out of it. It has put me in places I would probably never go without a camera, but shown me the importance of human connection, and trust. Having discovered my desire wasn’t in the landscapes or quick photos that I started out taking, but instead telling stories of people and the hope for a better future for them, I want this site to encapsulate the fruition of that. To show the results of this pursuit to take better photos and hopefully promote some tangible change.


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